Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lync and Skype [Englisch]

What Microsoft wants to bring to the purchase of Skype, the price of 8.5 billion dollar seems extremely high right now, but also the potential behind it could be huge.

Of course, burning all Lync administrators to question among the fingers, whether Microsoft is even using Skype to get a own global SIP trunk provider. Access to most countries, Skype has already with his business services. And Sip Trunk Provider can be found outside the U.S. only very rarely.

So it is exciting what Microsoft tell us about a future integration the next weeks. After all, it was Bill Gates himself who was on the supervisory board as a strong supporter of this big deal.

Have been announced some news on the World Partner Conference from 10-14.  August in Los Angeles takes place.
The potential of the mega-deals are so big, we wait for what Microsoft does with it.

Stay tuned ;-)

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